Pre-Qualified Finance

Taking the Stress Out of Home Financing

Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved Finance

Financing a New Home

When looking for a new home to buy, getting a pre-approval letter from a lender can mean a lot less stress and can make the whole process run a lot smoother. Nobody wants to fall in love with their dream home only to find out they are not in a position to buy it.

Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved will put you in the best possible position to secure the home of your dreams.

Let’s see how it’s done...

Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval


Pre-qualification is one of the first steps for potential home buyers to take. It gives you an approximation of what loan amount you may be able to obtain. No credit checks or detailed financial assessments are generally needed for this, just a simple phone call with one of our lenders is often all that is required.

Pre-qualification is an estimate of the size of the mortgage loan you would qualify for, based on the information provided. This is a great place to start as it gives buyers a ball-park figure of what they can afford.

Armed with this information, and when you’re ready to start looking for a home to buy, the next step would be to get pre-approved finance from your lender.

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your home loan application, our trusted lending partners are here to help you get started. With as little as 3.5% down, Goldwater Bank, SouthState Bank or MIDFLORIDA Credit Unit can help you own your dream home sooner.

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From Renting to Buying

From Renting to Buying

Deciding to move from renting to buying a home is a position a lot of people would like to see themselves in. The feeling of having a home to call your own is a deeply satisfying and rewarding experience for a lot of people. Not only does it provide a great sense of security, but it also represents a solid financial investment. Renters often find out a mortgage payment is generally less than their current rental payment.

People who prefer to rent often relax in the freedom of leaving all the responsibility of mortgage repayments and ownership of a home to other people. The advantage of this freedom is often more important than the commitment of a large long-term loan. However, owning your own home can provide significant benefits that renters may not be aware of.

Benefits Of Owning Your Own Home

Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

Getting Started With Buying A New Home

Getting Started

To make things clearer and easier, here are the basic steps that can help you navigate the path to new home ownership with a whole lot less stress.

1.  Determine how much you can roughly afford (this is called getting “pre-qualified”).
2.  Get “pre-approved” financing from a lender (this is an official letter stating a specific maximum amount that lender is willing to loan you under their conditions).
3.  Start house hunting with confidence (the fun part!).
4.  Find an experienced and quality realtor in your buying area (to help you find and purchase the home of your dreams).
5.  Visit open homes and model homes.
6.  Submit an offer (your “pre-approval” letter will put you at a distinct advantage here).
7.  Get a home inspection (property and home condition report).
8.  Get a home appraisal (the estimated market value of your home).
9.  (Re)negotiate around required home repairs or conditions if needed.
10.  Close the sale – Settlement of the home – congratulations!

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