Energy Star & Indoor airPlus Package

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Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certified New Homes are designed and built well above most other homes on the market today, delivering energy efficiency savings up to 30% when compared to typical new homes and even much greater when compared to existing homes.

Our Energy Star Certified Homes have undergone a process of 3rd party inspections, testing and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), delivering better quality, improved comfort and durability.

What makes an Energy Star and Indoor airPlus home different?

Energy Star and Indoor airPlus Package
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How does this package from Homecrete help improve indoor air quality?

Homecrete uses a variety of construction practices and technologies to decrease the risk of poor indoor air quality. It’s not easy for homebuyers to keep track of all the details but that’s why the EPA created the Indoor airPlus Label. Here’s how we do it:

1. Start with Energy Star
Every Indoor airPlus home must first BE Energy Star Certified, the trusted symbol of energy efficiency.

2. Add Indoor airPlus quality improvements
Additional home design and construction features are included in the Indoor airPlus Label to help protect homes from airborne contaminants.

3. Register each home with a HERS score
Registered with RESNET that measures how efficient the home is.

4. Finish with Independent Testing/Verification
The homes energy performance and key indoor air quality features are verified by an independent third-party inspector to ensure that your home has met all of the EPA’s rigorous guidelines for energy and indoor air quality.

Our Certified Energy Star with Indoor airPlus Package has these features included:

1. Complete Thermal Enclosure
Products such as 1” rigid foam on the walls combined with spray foam in the ceiling ensures a complete thermal insulated home with foam. Think igloo cooler or even how little foam is needed to protect you from hot coffee? Foam is a better insulator.

2. High Efficiency Cooling, Heating and Ventilation Systems
16 SEER high efficient mechanical system, kitchen and bath ventilation that exhaust to the exterior (not recirculate) for proper air exchanges and a Merv 10 filtration system.

3. Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances
High efficiency Windows and Doors, LED lighting and Energy Star Rated Appliances.

4. Comprehensive Water Management
Each home meets a checklist of items for water draining.

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